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  • What We Stand For

    Every hour of everyday someone is diagnosed with a devastating illness or experiences a personal trauma where even a little help will go a long way.  We at Paradym Events feel very strongly in supporting both our local and global charities.  While the need is always great in both good and trying times, Paradym Events strives to make a difference while providing help where at all possible.  While we wish we were able to support every cause that is close to our hearts, we do provide as much assistance as possible. 

    If you are looking to get involved we have provided a few links to charities that mean so much to us.  We consider Paradym Events to be very fortunate to be able to provide assistance and hope that everyone will be able to help someone less fortunate.   Please take a moment to look at some of these charities and think about the possibilities you might be able to provide. By giving back to a cause you believe in, you are able to change not just someone else life, but also your own.

    Thank you,

    Kevin & Mary Bennett

    Paradym Events

  • Charity Highlight - Our Giving Table

    With the current health crisis causing so much distress on kids in need, Our Giving Table fills a desperately needed service for those who are impacted the hardest.  Our Giving Tables mission is to ensure that every child in foster care and those from less privileged homes in the Pacific Northwest has the nutrition they need to thrive.

    Hunger to a child is a constant presence, even if they can’t articulate it. Beyond the hunger pangs themselves, malnourishment threatens mental and physical development, harms the body and weakens the spirit. Our Giving Tables objective is not only to make sure they are fed and can focus on learning, but to help them and their families break the cycle of generational poverty and malnutrition.

    If you have funds, food, or free time you can donate to Our Giving Table, they  can put any and all of it to immediate and vital use.

    Every $20 contribution buys three wholesome, nutritional meals, six fruits and vegetable snacks to get kids through a weekend when no school meals are available. In addition to food and volunteers needed for daily distribution, they regularly seek sponsors, supplies and helping hands for fund-raisers, fun events for foster families, mentorships, and more! (See their Facebook Page or Twitter for announcements.) Please contribute below, with our profound thanks!

    We have provided a link to donate needed money, if you can become a driver or donate your time, please visit their website.  A link is provided under the Giving Back links

    Donate Funds