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  • Custom Decor/Tradeshows

  • As artist we strive to bring elements together to create the perfect event.  For a wine tasting we made a series of wine benches to immerse the guests in the experience.  For the centerpieces we incorporated various varieties of grapes so that during the dinner guests to interact and enjoy sampling the grapes.  It is thinking beyond the conventional party which elevates to an event.

    Trade shows are a direct reflection of the company and services you are asking people to trust and purchase.  With all the time and effort you have invested the main question is how to make you stand out from your competitors. The goal of a good trade show is not only sales but also to want people to attend every year while also telling all of their friends and colleges what they missed. 

    Paradym Events has the experience and dedication to ensure the best possible tradeshow. We offer a complimentary check list of things to help make your event successful, just e-mail us at provide us with what type tradeshow, be it a booth or a full show and we will e-mail it to you.

    Tradeshow Checklist